Partner Audry Hong Li Attended 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the New York Convention and Spoke at Seminar in the United States 2018-07-18

I. Attended the 60th Anniversary Ceremony of the New York Convention


On June 28, 2018, Audry Hong Li, partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm attended the 60th Anniversary of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards (“New York Convention”) in New York at the UN Building as a member of the delegation of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“CIETAC”) headed by Mr. Chengjie Wang Secretary-General of CIETAC. The CIETAC delegation was invited by Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret, Secretary of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”). Delegates attending this historical celebration came from more than 50 countries and regions. Secretary-General of CIETAC Mr. Chengjie Wang and Secretary of the UNCITRAL Ms.Joubin-Bret met before the ceremony, Ms. Joubin-Bret praised and expressed appreciation of CIETAC’s efforts, contributions and achievements in expanding the influence of the New York Convention and effectively promoting adoption and implementation of the Convention in China.


The ceremony conference highlighted the development of the New York Convention and international arbitration during the past 60 years and discussed topics such as cooperation among world arbitration institutions, adoption of the New York Convention as well as subsequent key working agendas of UNCITRAL. It is worth noting that the conference introduced the first important legal document on mediation which will soon be passed by UNCITRAL, namely the Convention on the Enforcement of International Commercial Settlement Agreement Arising from Mediation. It emphasized the essential role of mediation in dispute resolution and the issue of how to recognize and enforce the mediation agreements. This reflects the recognition and high consensus on alternative dispute resolution such as mediation from the international arbitration community.




On June 27 before the UN ceremony, Audry visited the American Arbitration Association(“AAA”) with the delegation of CIETAC. The delegation had a deep and productive discussion with AAA’s president &CEO Ms. India Johnson and Senior Vice President & General Counsel Mr. Eric P. Tuchmann on topics regarding arbitration, mediation and cooperation between the two arbitration institutions.


II. Spoke at the Seminar Held at Pepperdine University



On June 30, Audry and the delegation of CIETAC were invited by the Straus Dispute Resolution Center of the Law School of Pepperdine University to speak at the Seminar  named “A New Era of International Arbitration in China: the US Dispute Resolution Experts Dialogue the Leadership of CIETAC” .


The seminar attracted more than 130 professionals and experts in arbitration and legal fields from the LA area including executives of arbitration institutions, university professors and lawyers. Dean of the Law School of Pepperdine University gave the opening speech, and Vice Dean and Law Professor Thomas J. Stipanowich, also a famous expert in dispute resolution served as the moderator of the panel discussion. The discussion was focused on the impact of “the Belt and Road” on arbitration in China especially CIETAC, how CIETAC is prepared to face the need of international dispute resolution, how to develop China international arbitration in the new area as well as how parties may prevent legal risks in cross-border transactions while achieving business cooperation. Secretary-General of CIETAC Mr.Chengjie Wang and CIETAC arbitrators Ms. Audry Hong Li and Ms.Yi Kang shared their insights and comments as guest speakers.


During the seminar, drawing from her experience in international arbitration and corporate transactions, Audry spoke about how to prevent or control legal risk during negotiation of cross border transactions or contracts and how to use mediation to turn potential dispute into a win-win situation in case of disputes. Her insights and unique approach to seek settlement and craft solution for clients in dispute for the purpose of maximizing the business cooperation of the parties has impressed the audience and won warm applauses


III. Spoke at Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles 



On the same day, Audry and the delegation of CIETAC were invited by the Consulate-General of PRC in Los Angeles and China-US Chamber of Commerce to meet with representatives of Chinese companies invested in the US and speak on topics on “Legal risk prevention and dispute resolution of ‘The Belt and Road”.


During the seminar, Audry focused her talk on how to prevent and control risks at early stage of conducting cross-border transactions. She shared 2 cases she had handled for clients to show case how to turn dispute into win-win transaction. The delegation answered and addressed questions raised by the audience. The practical approach of the delegation and Audry’s unique insight on problem solving and adding value was very received by the participants.




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