Zhong Lun Partners Cao Lijun and Sun Wei Delivered Speeches at Conference Jointly Held by CIETAC and ICC 2018-06-04


On May 31, 2018, the 4th ICC-CIETAC Joint Conference on “International Arbitration Without Frontiers” took place in Beijing. Two partners of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Mr. Cao Lijun and Mr. Sun Wei attended this conference and delivered speeches.



Mr. Cao Lijun participated in the discussion on the topic of “Judicial Approach to International Arbitration”. As a panel member, he delivered a speech focusing on the enforcement of interim measures in foreign jurisdictions and mainland China, recognition and enforcement of international and domestic arbitral awards, and the prospects of ad hoc arbitration in China’s free trade zones.



Mr. Sun Wei delivered a speech themed “Wise Choice or Pitfall — Testing the Boundary of Emergency Arbitration in Construction Disputes”. He introduced the application of the emergency arbitrator proceeding in construction disputes, including the types of remedies that may be granted, the enforceability of emergency arbitrator decisions, the coordination between emergency arbitrator proceeding and other dispute resolution mechanisms under FIDIC, and practical suggestions.


The ICC-CIETAC Joint Conference on “International Arbitration Without Frontiers” is a high-level international arbitration conference jointly launched by CIETAC and ICC. The Joint Conference plays an unparalleled positive role in the dissemination and communication of new developments in the field of international commercial arbitration. Mr. Wang Chengjie, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of CIETAC, and Mr. Alexis Mourre, President of ICC, attended this conference and delivered speeches. Zhong Lun Law Firm is the gold sponsor of this conference.


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