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Blood Donation Displayed Humanitarianism 2006-08-18

To support the blood donation project, 19 staff (including Duan Lihua, Cai Mengxin, Cai Keliang, Guan Rong, Chen Wei, Yu Fei, Wang Yang, Xu Jiang Yan, Ren Wenxia, Zhang Jianmei, Liu Zhigao, Chen Zhenhua, Jiang Lingyan, Li Jiali, Zhang Jie, Pan Zhengyong, Tong Wenchao, Jia Haibo and Zhang Hong) in the Shanghai office of Zhong Lun Law Firm donated blood after the firm publicized a notice on the blood drive, showing the good consciousness, social responsibility and spirits of the staff of the Shanghai office. We hereby express our sincere thanks to the above mentioned staff.

The Firms's Directors were pleased with the staff that actively participated in the blood drive. “Blood donation is part of healthy life”, so our staff’s spirit and enthusiasm is something to be admired by all.

“Promote the healthy development of blood donation, guarantee the safety of people.” Although it was the first time that Shanghai firm participated in a blood drive, we believe more and more employees will take part in such activities in the coming years.  

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