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Ceremony for the Opening of Zhong Lun Tokyo Office 2006-11-20

On November 20, 2006, Tokyo Office of Zhong Lun Law Firm held an opening ceremony in Tokyo. Mr. Kongxuanyou (PRC Embassy Minister in Japan), Mr. Yu Ning (President of All China Lawyers’ Association), Mr. Seigoh Hirayama (President of Japan Federation of Bar Associations), Mr. Katayose Koki (Permanent Director of Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade) and representatives of Japan-China Investment Promotion Organization offered their congratulations at the ceremony. Wu Yuhua, , sent a letter of congratulations. Tokyo Office of Zhong Lun Law Firm (“Tokyo Office”) was formally established on October 10, 2006. It was the first overseas office of Zhong Lun as well as the first large Chinese law firm in Tokyo, marking the first step of our firm onto the international stage. The establishment of Tokyo Office is the milestone in the development of Zhong Lun.

Enterprises and the media came to have interviews since the opening of the Tokyo Office. Nikkei News, one of the five international newspapers as well as one of the most famous financial and economic newspapers in the world, had a special interview with Yang Yuhong a Zhong Lun partner on the opening date. Nikkei specially reported the scale of Zhong Lun and the establishment of the Tokyo Office. On October 23, Nikkan News also made a report on the aspects including development and business scope, which aroused reflection among enterprises and the legal industry in Japan.

For the purpose of celebrating the establishment of the Tokyo Office and propagandizing the legal structure in China to Japanese Enterprises, our firm held a conference regarding the updated legislation in China at the Tokyo New Otani Hotel on November 20, 2006. Partners from the Japanese Department of our firm gave speeches about corporate bankruptcy, anti-monopoly and M&A. This conference was sponsored by the PRC Embassy  in Japan, Japan Association for the Promotion of International Trade and Japan-China Investment Promotion Organization. The conference was attended by more than 250 principals of both Japanese and Chinese enterprises. All attendees showed great interests in the speeches and communicated with each partner about new legal issues.

On the evening of November 20, Zhong Lun held big celebration in Tokyo New Otani Hotel, more than 300 principals from Japanese enterprises, trading companies and agencies attended the party. Attorney Hu Ronghui presided over the party and attorney Wu Peng addressed the audience on behalf of Zhong Lun. Wu Peng opened by highlighting the establishment of the Tokyo Office. Mr. Kongxuanyou expressed his expectations for the first Chinese law firm which independently entered into the Japanese market. Mr. Yu Ning hoped that the Tokyo Office might bring along the further development of the domestic law industry and more domestic law firms developing into international firms. Mr. Seigoh Hirayama also hoped that the establishment of the Tokyo Office would promote friendly communications between Chinese and Japanese lawyers. Mr. Wu Yuhua sent a letter  of congratulation from Beijing. Attorney Zhang Xuebing and Wu Peng, with 20 attorneys from the Beijing office, the Shanghai office, the Shenzhen office and the Guangzhou office, made introductions to the honored guests, fully showing our talents and capacity in all the legal areas.

The Tokyo Office is located in a prosperous area in the economic and political enter of Japan. The office has a team of about ten attorneys and counselors led by attorney Zhang Hefu and Yang Yuhong. The Tokyo Office will also strengthened cooperation between domestic offices while making efforts to provide international and professional services to every client as well as developing our international brand.

Zhong Lun will provide international quality legal services through the Tokyo Office, the establishment of which complies with the trend of opening up to the outside world as well as the expectation of Japanese enterprises to strengthen their investment, trade and communication in China. The Tokyo Office will further satisfy international enterprises with their transnational requirements and provide better and more efficient legal services.
The Tokyo Office of Zhong Lun Law Firm primarily provides counseling on international capital investment, international trade, international finance, M&A, bankruptcy, security listing, protection of IPR, anti-monopoly and more. The professional skills and experience of partners, senior counselors, attorneys and other personnel in Tokyo Office along with the combined resources of our domestic offices will be a guarantee of high-quality legal services. The Tokyo Office will further expand the leading position of Zhong Lun in the area of Japanese legal services in China.

Mr. Seigoh Hirayama and Mr. Katayose Koki said that they welcomed the establishment of the Tokyo Office. The transparent legal system and independent judicial system were widely recognized by the international society. Japan has a great number of world famous attorneys who have attracted international trade and investment from around the globe. "We are so glad that Zhong Lun, such an excellent law firm, decided to set up a branch office in Tokyo and wish that Zhong Lun will have marvelous achievements in Japan." said the delegation. 

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