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Zhong Lun’s Overseas Listing Business Came Often with Good News, Media Asia Group was Successfully Listed in Singapore 2004-11-05

On November 3, 2004, Media Asia Group was formally listed on SESDAQ at Singapore Securities Exchange. Its core business is production and distribution of Chinese films and related radio and video products and some films produced by which, such as “Infernal Affairs”, had strong influence and market presence in the Chinese speaking viewers.

In this IPO, Media Asia Group totally issued 70,260,000 shares at SGD0.25 per share and financed in total SGD14,300,000, approximately HKD66,000,000. The price went up to SGD0.3 as soon as the shares were opened for sale, and the shares issued for public subscription were 22 times excessively subscribed.

Mr. Zhao Jin, Mr. Kong Wei and Mr. Song Di from Shanghai office of Zhong Lun provided legal services to the listing as the issuer’s Chinese legal counsel.

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