Zhong Lun Attended the First Directors’ Meeting of China Trial 2006-11-07

The first China Trial directors’ meeting, sponsored by the Supreme People’s Court, was held in Yuxi City in Yunnan Province from October 29 to November 1, 2006.  Zhong Lun Law Firm attended this meeting as the first director unit. There were 119 attendees at the meeting including representatives from more than 20 laws firms from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc., representatives of basic-level courts, intermediate courts and supreme courts in certain provinces,  regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and officials of the Supreme People’s Court.

The attorneys conducted special discussions revolving around the professional nature and position of attorneys i.e. how to balance protection of laws and clients’ interests. All directors discussed  the material collection and editions of China Trial as well as working opinions on the council and suggestions for 2007.

China Trial is an important magazine following the newspaper People’s Court, focuses on the concept of accurately reporting Chinese court trials, while quickly transferring international legal information. It aims at promoting justice construction, justice equity, serving the trials and showing judges’ success. It has been praised by experts in the legal field for its unique views, rich content, authoritative trial direction and range of legal information.

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