Bi-annual Partners’ Meeting of 2007 2007-09-04
    The firm’s second bi-annual partners’ meeting was held in Beijing during August 31 through September 2 2007. Over 90 partners from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Tokyo attended the meeting.
    In the meeting Zhang Xue-bing, on behalf of the Executive Committee reviewed the firm’s general conditions of development and operation in each main business sectors. With approval Mr. Pu Ling-chen, Mr. Jiang Zhe and Ms. Julia Kong joined the firm as equity partners, specifically, Mr. Pu as senior partner, Jiang Zhen and Julia Kong as junior partner, and Mr. Henry Xiao and other four young lawyers (including three senior associates grown up with the firm)  also promoted as salary partners. By anonymous votes, Anthony Zhao of Shanghai office and Lai Ji-hong of Shenzhen office were elected to the Executive Committee. The Preliminary Report on Zhong Lun’s Development Planning prepared by Adfaith Management Consulting Inc has been approved in principle,  the Executive Committee has been delegated to have the development plan flashed out, supplemented, amended,  improved and implemented; the partners have agreed in principle to establish and run on trial the Zhong Lun’s   Comprehensive Management System, and delegated the Executive Committee to verify the operation in detail of this IP management system before the final implementation program and the budget thereof could be submitted to the partners’ meeting for review and approval.
    Satisfactory to the firm’s achievements in team building, name-branding, and construction of firm’s basic internal  systems, the partners highly appraised the hard works of the Executive Committee positively, and put forward the target and planning for the second part of 2007.
    The Executive Committee called upon all the partners to keep up team spirit and energetic progress and to carry out the missions established in the development plan by implementing the advanced concepts and mechanism of management for further enhancing the management and development of the firm down the road.

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