The Agreement for Merger of Zhong Lun and Yi Wen was executed on August 6, 2004 in Beijing, and the merger will become effective on October 1, 2004. As result, all lawyers of Yi Wen will joint Zhong Lun and cease to use the Yi Wen’s name afterwards. After the merger total staff of Zhong Lun will be over 300 in three offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, including at least 40 partners and 150 associates. The merger is a win-win solution and motivated, according to Mr. Wu Peng of Zhong Lun and Mr. Liu Yu Ming of Yi Wen, “by mutual desire to expand horizon of the services, enhance the firm’s management and competitiveness with a view of further development in Asian and other foreign markets.”
The execution ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Duan Zheng-kun, Vice-Minister of Department of Justice, Mr. Gao Zong-ze, Chairman of National Lawyers Association of China; Mr. Zhang Qing, Chairman of Lawyers Association of Beijing, and other officials from the Justice Bureau and other related governmental departments, as well the some professionals, scholars and media.
Merger among top law firms has been commonly seen among the Chinese firms with particular expertise in recent years. Zhong Lun is known for its practice in real property, banking and finance, while Yi Wen is reputable leader in direct foreign investment, arbitration and litigation in Beijing. The merger between Zhong Lun and Yi Wen is a strategic move to the direction of scale efficiency and combination of expertise competitiveness of Zhong Lun and it was highly remarked by the professional peers and various government departments in charge of management of legal professional business.
Zhong Lun also declared the establishment of its IP practice, Zhong Lun Intellectual Property Agency Ltd, on the same day
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