In the morning of October 28, 2004, the signing ceremony of appointment of legal council was held by Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform (“DRC”), on which, three law firms including Zhong Lun, were formally appointed as the permanent legal counsel of DRC for a term of 2 years.  Mr. Zhang Xuebing and Mr. Wang Jialu participated in the ceremony on behalf of Zhong Lun and Mr. Zhang Xuebing made a speech of congratulations.

DRC set up and implemented legal council system early in this year, open to the public for the purpose of inviting the law firms to be its legal council.  This called for active response and support from Beijing lawyers and 62 law firms joined the competition.  Based upon the principles of fairness, transparency and justice, DRC had an all-around examination on various aspects to the participating law firms, including the comprehensive competitiveness, experience of governmental legal services, proposal of legal services and charges and quotations.  Zhong Lun and the other two law firms showed their talents in the competition and finally were appointed as the legal counsel to DRC.

The governor of DRC said that in the future DRC would make fully use of the three legal councils including Zhong Lun with respect to the decision-making, management and control in accordance with the law as well regulating the administrative activities of DRC, and in the meantime, DRC would cooperate with Beijing lawyers on a wider basis to build a good support system by the outside legal professionals, taking advantage of the “external expertise” to comprehensively improve the administrative capability in accordance with the law of DRC, for the purpose of providing significant legal basis and guarantee to well-being of development and reform as well promoting the healthy social and economic development of Beijing.

Zhong Lun team will provide the legal services to DRC, including drafting and reviewing the standard forms of legal documents, legal consultations to the specific administrative activities, demonstrating the legal feasibility of the anti-trust measures and enterprise reorganization proposals, participating in the consultations and negotiations in connection with important projects, and representing in administrative litigation and arbitration.

Mr. Wu Peng is the general coordinator of Zhong Lun team, and the key members of which include 13 lawyers, Mr. Zhang Xuebing, Mr. Liu Fengliang, Mr. Qiao Wenjun, Mr. Wang Jialu, Ms. Liu Honghuan, Mr. Li Li, Mr. Liu Chi, Mr. Liu Yulin, Mr. Li Qian, Mr. Kang Hua and Mr. Zhang Zhong. 

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