Speech of Mr. Zhang Xuebing and Mr. Zhu Maoyuan in 2004 Asian Law Summit 2004-12-01
On November 30, 2004, 2004 Asian Law Summit-Beijing Forum sponsored by Key Media was held in Great-wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing, with the participation of the legal counsels from many well-known multinational companies and the lawyers of international or PRC law firms. On this forum, the participants primarily discussed the in-house legal practices in the enterprises with respect to the legal services in international commercial arbitration, real estate and project construction, labor, IPR, project financing and foreign investment.

Mr. Zhang Xuebing and Mr. Zhu Maoyuan from Zhong Lun gave speeches in title of the Present Bottleneck and Breakthrough of Real Estate Financing”, and the Risk Control in Project Construction--- Core Competitiveness of Real Estate Practices, respectively.
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