Partner E Yongxi Joined Zhong Lun 2004-08-27
Mr. E Yongxi obtained its LL.M in the University of Politics and Law of East China He started his legal professional career since 1992.  Mr. E mainly practices in banking, finance and incorporation, especially the litigation in foreign related financial business.  For over a decade, in the field of litigation and arbitration, Mr. E has involved in more than 200 litigation and arbitration cases in regard to banking, financing and loan.  In the recent years, Mr. E has been specially focused on litigation for the overseas banks and foreign investment banks in the mainland China, and in particular conducted indepth researches on the litigations against the domestic debtors and guarantors by the overseas banks and foreign investment banks due to the disputes related to financing and credit loan, and developed very rich experience thereon.  Mr. E ever provided legal services to more than 10 foreign investment banks and foreign banks, including Bank of China (Hong Kong), Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale, Sumitomo Bank, Belgium Brussels Bank, KBC Bank NV, United Overseas Bank, Hang Seng Bank for their litigations in China and has gained prominent reputation.  In addition, Mr. E is retained as the outside legal counsel for many domestic and foreign enterprises including HSBC and Walmart.
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