Recent Transactions

Zhong Lun Provided Legal Services for the Investment of High-end Residential Located at Manhattan New York 2015-06-04

Recently, Zhong Lun Law Firm assisted TXJ Fund and 4 well known domestic institutions in successfully raising of $ 80 million funds and investing in the property near to United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New York. The total amount of investment for the project is estimated to be $ 180 million. It is one of the few domestic projects up to now, in which the investors acquire overseas property, remove the original buildings, develop and sell high-end residential. The closing of the property has been successfully completed. Zhong Lun Law Firm provided legal services in the negotiation among the 5 institutions, the drafting and revising of cooperation and investment documents. Zhong Lun’s team was led by Jessica Li and the team includes Zhao Dian and Li Na.

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