Recent Transactions

Zhong Lun Advises on International Capital Plaza Onshore and Offshore Acquisition Financing Project 2014-11-25

In October 2014, the syndicate consisting of UOB and ANZ and Alpha Investment Partners Limited (“AIP”), a real estate investment fund management company under Keppel Land, have successfully entered into the financing documents in respect of the acquisition of International Capital Plaza through offshore equity acquisition. UOB and ANZ granted offshore and onshore facilities in an aggregate amount of hundreds of millions of RMB for this project. The Zhong Lun team, led by Shirley Lu (partner) and also composed of Jianwei Yang, Feifei Qiu and Jingbo Zhou (associates) from Shanghai Office, acted as legal counsel for the syndicate and provided full-range legal services for this financing project.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Land, AIP is a real estate investment fund manager with rich experience in the area of trust. Up to Feb 2013, AIP manages assets with the value around USD 7.3 billion. International Capital Plaza locates at the central business and office area of Shanghai Hongkou District and has attracted numerous well-known enterprises to settle in.

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