Recent Transactions

Zhonglun Advises Yuangongbao( its Series A Private financing from Sequoia Capital 2015-03-23

The first online financial platform for specific groups of people in China, Yuangongbao( is affiliated to Noah Holdings Ltd. announced its obtainment of series A financing from Sequoia Capital on March 8th,2015. Yuangongbao is the first online financial platform positioning itself as “ Private Banking for the White Collar” , which aims to make white collar clients enjoy the same financial services as the high net wealth clients and provide comprehensive financial services including wealth management, insurance, education, employee services to white collar clients.

Zhong Lun Law Firm represented Yuangongbao in this deal, providing comprehensive legal services. Zhonglun team is led by Anthony Zhao, Catherine Chen, Luke Zhang, consisting of Sammy Hsia, Shen Jin, Ursula Li and Steven Zhao.

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