Recent Transactions

Zhong Lun Advises Syndicated Group on US$1.28 billion Syndicated Loan for 8.5 Generation TFT- LCD Panel Project 2010-11-17

On November 20, 2010, Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (“Huaxing”) held the signing ceremony of the US$1.28 billion syndicated loan for the 8.5 generation TFT- LCD panel project. China Development Bank (the leading bank), Export and Import Bank of China (the leading bank), the Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank (settlement agent bank), the Guangdong Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (settlement agent bank) and the Shenzhen Branch of Shenzhen Development Bank (participating bank) signed the Syndicated Loan Contract with Huaxing at the ceremony.

Partners Zhi Hui, Gui Gang and lawyers Zheng Jiamei, Linhua from Zhong Lun Law Firm Shenzhen office represented and offered legal counsel service to the Syndicated Group.

The 8.5 generation TFT- LCD panel project of Huaxing is the largest scale single investment project since the establishment of Shenzhen City and the total investment is RMB24.5 billion. This project will effectively contribute to the alliance of upstream and downstream industry chain and foster more than 100 billion annual output value for the LCD panel industry.

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