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About me, Kathy Kastner

Caught napping?

Consider me your roving reporter in the real and virtual universe of aging, always seeking ways to grow old with dignity, living life to the fullest, and as with as much joy as possible. If you wonder who I am to be doing this, check my cred below, follow my Tweets and let me know if my musings and blog rants strike a chord at Whose health is it anyway.

Before Ability4Life..

Founder/CEO/Knowledge Transfer Officer

The Health Television System Inc: Parent company of Canada’s first hospital-based television networks for patient education: The Parent Channel® and Healthtv™. These award-winning networks broadcast in top teaching hospitals across North America, reaching more than 3 million viewers.

Kastner is an invited speaker and participant at healthcare conferences, National Round Tables, InfoHighway Think Tanks, health forums and conferences and has conducted workshops, lectures and plenary sessions at respected international healthcare communications symposia in Canada and the U.S.

“Kathy has a curiosity that she brings to anything she engages in. She is remarkably bright and she is equally focused. It was her vision and her understanding of how to convey a message that permitted her to lead the way in developing a significant and cost effective health information tool. Her understanding of the power of the television medium led her to become an expert in the message. She is never content to sit back, she is always in pursuit of new knowledge, new ways of communicating and now, new ways of using the expanding field of digital technologies.” Elizabeth Sloss, Lawyer and Health Ethicist

Additional accomplishments

• Task Force: Patient Information Guidelines: Pharmaceutical Advertising and Advisory Board, Canada

• Spearhead Initiative: Developing Patient Education Best Practice Guidelines: Canada and U.S.

• Co-chair Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Group on Patient Education: Canada and U.S.

• Advisory Board, American Academy of Family Physicians Practice Improvement Conference

• Board Member on the Rotman Business School Integrated Management Course: Toronto

• Health and lifestyle tv series producer: News Director Award-winner

• On-camera entertainment producer/reporter: CityTV, CBC and CanWestGlobal. Voted most popular

• Freelance writer, researcher and copywriter