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Archive | February, 2010

Physicians on patient experiences: very moving

I’m (possibly the only non-healthcare-professional) member of Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, (STFM)and find the conferences and publications give me an insight into goals, objectives, struggles, and learnings from a specialty that’s required to know something about everything, and where and who to get us to for more in-depth needs. Sister organization to STFM […]

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Alzheimers: Caregiver support group stories

Dementia Caregivers share their stories: a support group in a book Authors: Lynda A Markut, Anatole Crane Dementia Caregivers, written by two people who’ve cared for loved ones with Dementia, gives much-needed definitions of types of dementia (Lewy Body Disease, Vascular Dementia, Pick’s Disease) and their different symptoms, and provides that much needed, ‘someone knows […]

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Family Doctor, person with Diabetes

Arnold Goldberg is a wiry and wry 55-year old who still has a full head of dark hair. He loves comics, baseball, and music. Although physically, he doesn’t fit the overweight-leads-to-diabetes body type, his is genetic: ‘“I inherited it from my mother, who died too young, because she didn’t properly control her Diabetes.” Goldberg holds […]

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Seniors Exercise Specialist, Judy Chu

Judy, who works at the Baycrest Center, sees people who are desperate for help. “They’re miserable with their pain”. Judy’s population of 70, 80 and 90 year olds need a high level of assessment and care. “They have arthritis, osteoarthritis and Parkinsons and, many have never exercised before” Before embarking on any exercise, a thorough […]

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Occupational Therapist, Nira Rittenberg

Geriatric Occupational Therapist Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service, Baycrest Lecturer, Dept. of Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto Nira Rittenberg is passionate, compassionate and extremely thoughtful in her responses to my questions. An occupational therapist, working out of Baycrest, Nira’s home visits often include us adult children and our spouses – for whom there may be different […]

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Dr Paula Rochon, Geriatrician. Specialty: Medications and the elderly

Dr Paula Rochon, Geriatrician Vice-President Research Women’s College Research Institute Adjunct Scientist Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit I heard Dr Paula Rochon speak to a small group of senior seniors on the topic of Medications as relates to the elderly. A Geriatrician by training, her research concentrates on medication and seniors. Considering her audience, I thought […]

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Siblings, Relatives and Aging Parents

Oh, the complications of dynamics, patterns and historical roles and expectations within families. How quickly a conversation can turn into a heated argument, and cause life-long rifts. For some insight and understanding to help forestall WWIII, check out the podcast on the Family Caregiver Alliance site, developed by the very astute Social Worker , Donna […]

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Multiple Medications: too many for too many of us

By age 65, two thirds of us are taking 5 or more prescription medications a day so reports the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Not included in that total is the number of times a day meds are taken. And it doesn’t include whatever non-prescription therapies we take. That’s a lot of swallowing, a […]

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